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Dear Fellow Patriot,

Modern American life has become a chapter out of the Book of Daniel, with the ruling elite feasting on what is left of the American empire, blaspheming the traditional faith of our fathers and oblivious to the writing on the wall that spells out the end of a century of American prosperity and security.

I fear that our rulers, just like King Belshazzar, have gorged themselves on power and wealth. And while seeing the signs they find them unintelligible as those of us upon whose backs the excess has been made possible see the truth as plain as day.

My name is Bill Heid and for years I've been concerned about the direction our country is headed. During the Cold War we recognized the great evil of Communism and sacrificed to meet and defeat that enemy, but since the fall of the USSR our nation has drifted further and further from the Christian foundations of our society, embracing debauchery and decadence that rivals the worst societal conditions since Noah's time.

In the last fifteen years we experienced the worst attack on US soil in nearly 200 years, a catastrophic hurricane in New Orleans which displaced millions of people and revealed a dark underbelly to American society. This natural disaster resulted ultimately in riots, looting and assaults. It also exposed a bureaucratic, impotent government that could only fight over who was responsible.

"One 'not-guilty' verdict led to riots in L.A. and
a hurricane turned New Orleans into third world anarchy... what's in store for your community?"

Then the credit crisis came, the stock market crash, and the gradual but unmistakable takeover of the economy by the federal government. While most Americans voted for a Messianic candidate for President who proclaimed that he was the one "we've all been waiting for", the crisis grew to the point where true unemployment is at 15% 20% and our debt to income ratio is worse than during the darkest days of the Great Depression.

It's also becoming apparent that we're on the verge of a catastrophic global food shortage that experts are saying could result in mass starvation, war and societal collapse and our own government is covering it up, proclaiming that harvests will be at record levels this year while their own data show inventories nearing critically low levels.

I can't help but remember how the Soviet news services continued to publish the most absurd stories about the strength of the Communist system and the robust nature of industry and agriculture while everyone in the world saw it collapsing and knew better. Perhaps the difference between then and now is even the Politburo was aware it was all a fraud while our own rulers seem to actually believe they are above the laws of God and nature and can do anything.

"Could you survive for a few days... or weeks without electricity or a trip to the grocery store?"

It's clear to me, and I suspect to you as well, that we're on the verge of a dramatic shift in civilization. I'm afraid the unthinkable is now possible-if not probable-and like Joseph interpreting the dreams for Pharaoh, we must be the ones to recognize the signs and prepare.

Just imagine if the next al Qaeda attack isn't a plane full of jet fuel crashing into a skyscraper, but a missile hundreds of miles over the US carrying an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapon that when detonated would literally fry every electrical circuit in the country. Such a weapon is not even hypothetical; our own government has confirmed that China, North Korea and others already have this ability and it may fall into the hands of terrorists. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke about this when he commented, "A single bomb that could send the entire country back into the dark ages... and it's not just about not being able to turn on the TV or check email... without electricity the gas station can't pump gas, grocery stores can't refrigerate food, hospitals can't save lives, ATMs can't provide cash... and life as we have known it for decades comes to an end."

How would your family survive if the shelves at the grocery store are empty, there’s no gas to put in the car and every computer and phone for hundreds of miles is dead?

The threat to our lifestyle doesn't just come from tech-savvy terrorists or a rogue nation... in our hospitals, clinics, schools and offices lurks an equally threatening enemy; drug-resistant superbugs that have been made increasingly potent over the years by over-prescription of antibiotics and can destroy your immune system and leave you in a coma before even the best Doctors can figure out what you have.

Whether the next superbug comes from a terrorist lab, a sick illegal who came here to make a buck, or a foreign visitor who is unwittingly carrying a silent killer, the government isn't prepared for a true epidemic, and whether all those 'camps' that have been setup around the country are to quarantine the sick or safeguard the healthy survivors, their handling of a true epidemic is likely to be arrogant and foolhardy, if not dangerous.

And yet, whenever a natural, alternative medicine is discovered that promises potential to relieve suffering or cure naturally, the government-big pharma partnership crushes it under foot, even criminalizing the growth or possession of time-tested natural medicines. The unfortunate truth is they are more interested in taxing and regulating medicine than allowing the population to look after their own safety.

"I hate to burst your bubble, but if you're looking to the next election to 'fix things', you're in for a terrible surprise; whoever wins the next election might affect how fast things deteriorate, but the terrible outcome is certain."

One way or another, government will find a way to control our access to health care and manage who gets what and when, and once in place no future Republican or conservative President or Congress will have the courage to undo the damage. The vast welfare state we have today was started by FDR as a temporary measure, expanded by LBJ temporarily, and now threatens to consume the entire federal budget, which is already at 1/5th the total economy.

And while the threats to the power grid and our health care are grave, the threat to our very existence grows daily as our food supply borders on collapse.

Around the world economists and analysts are warning that catastrophic crop failures, the use of food for alternative energy products (like ethanol), and the booming population and urbanization in Asia have brought food supplies to record lows. To make matters worse, here in the US 98% of us are now dependent on just 2% of the population for our food, and most of us are hundreds of miles from the food source, meaning that the slightest disruption in the supply chain will leave cupboards bare and bellies empty.

"The average grocery store has just 72 hours of inventory...
and that is easily wiped out even by severe weather warnings."

But in Washington, times have never been better. Despite billions of dollars of lost crops in 2009 and hundreds of counties declared federal disaster areas (and the majority of some states), the USDA says 2009 was a record harvest.

In 2011 more crops were lost to severe winter storms, with Florida requesting that all 67 counties be declared disaster areas... meanwhile record heat scorched crops across the nation while food supplies inched even lower.

Even just a few years ago you wouldn't have imagined such a thing was possible!

And yet the signs have been there for years and are only now becoming apparent to a growing group of 'mainstream' observers who would have mocked anyone for suggesting that our very way of life is at risk.

But the facts are what they are... and a secular group of men and women from both sides of the aisle who reject any concept of law as coming from the Bible, along with their bankster partners in big business are determined to suck every penny out of us before bankrupting the nation, devaluing the dollar, nationalizing private business and imposing martial law.

"History is replete with examples of the catastrophe brought on by corrupt and unlawful governments who use a crisis and a nation's weakness to gain total control, from the Babylonians to the Roman Emperors and in our own time the communists in China and Russia and the fascists in Germany"

If you're thinking this is impossible, just look at 1930s Germany, a country with a strong Democratic government who was bankrupted by debt and elected a charismatic politician who promised the impossible, which began with the nationalization of industry, the devaluation of the currency and eventually total national destruction.

Our own rulers have a worldview no less radical and dangerous than the dictators of the past, and they will stop at nothing to implement their agenda. As Christians and Patriots, we owe our loved ones and society itself better...and we must prepare for the worst.

That's why I'm publishing 'Off The Grid News', the world's premiere independent newsletter to independent living, and although my CPA has begged me to at least charge something, I'm giving it away for FREE.

I'm so concerned for the future of our country that I'm putting all my resources behind the effort to inform people about the growing crisis and educate them on the solutions that are available.

"Some of my friends think I have a 'Noah Complex', but in truth I'm just a simple guy who knows a little history, has recognized the signs and think we're headed for a collapse of unthinkable magnitude."

'Off The Grid News' is a fiercely independent, weekly email newsletter that is crammed full of practical information on living and surviving today and in future times when life may not be as easy.

Each issue includes articles on topics such as:

  • Gardening, including "Crisis Gardens"
  • Alternative Energy Options, so you can go 'Off Grid'
  • Political Analysis, So You Can Understand What's Really Going On
  • Herbal Medicines and Alternative Health Care
  • Threats to Your Privacy
  • Economic Analysis, So You Can Prepare Your Finances
  • Gun Ownership, Maintenance, Training and Use
  • How-To Articles on Things Like Canning and Food Storage
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning and Crisis Response
  • Personal Security & Self Defense

And much more...

Our team of devoted writers and analysts scour the press and utilize our network of deep undercover sources to learn what the headlines really mean and how they will impact your life. For example, you'll discover:

  • What rising gold prices mean to you... even if you don't own gold
  • How health care reform-in any form-is a sneak attack on your constitutional rights
  • What the trend experts and forecasters are saying is on the horizon
  • The parallels between the fall of the Soviet Union and the future of the US
  • What lessons to learn from the earthquake in Haiti

And other analysis and advice you'll never hear from the mainstream media. With this information, you'll be able to:

  • Plan your survival retreat or emergency hideout
  • Plant a survival garden and avoid the common newbie mistakes
  • Learn the secrets for getting (or keeping) a great job in any economy
  • Build your emergency stockpile, without wasting time or money
  • How to select the right "Get Out of Dodge" vehicle
  • Discreetly turn your home into a fortress... without attracting attention
  • Treat common ailments and injuries at home-with ease and confidence
  • Identify the people in your family or community you can rely on... and who you need to avoid
  • Choose the right firearms based on your situation and needs

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"I don't agree with all of your political views but your advice on alternative energy, survival stockpiling and gardening is invaluable. The first thing I do every Monday is check my email for your newsletter... and find myself hitting the get new messages button until it shows up!"
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I have to warn you though... in your enthusiasm you may be tempted to brag to others with your newly discovered secrets, but we strongly encourage readers to use great discretion, because as the crisis worsens both the government and your unprepared neighbors will grow envious of your planning and preparations... so it's best to be discreet.

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Bill Heid
Publisher, Off Grid News

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